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We've introduced our first app Contractor Performance Intelligence™ (CPI) module to provide process automation for 70% of the COR’s role in monitoring contractor performance from award to contract closeout.  Your life is made easier with everything in one place and simplified with dashboard metrics, streamlined interfaces, notifications, workflow, collaborative platform, educational videos, and templates.


As a COR level, I want a dashboard that shows my contracts and contractors, contract spend, contract PoP, delivery schedule, contractor performance,  and renewal timeline so that I can stay on top of actions."


As the Division Director, I want a hub for all contract info, deliverables, and contract spend data so if there is turnover of COR/PMs, we have proper records management."


As a COR, I want alerts when contract periods (base, option years) are nearing expiration so that I make sure that options are exercised and contracts are recompeted in sufficient time."